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Financial Options

Payment Options

Tuition Payment Options:

  1. Full Pay | GCA families can elect to pay for tuition with one cash or check payment delivered directly to the school's financial officer. This payment is due in July.
  2. Semi-Annual | GCA families can elect to pay for tuition with two payments through FACTS. These payments are due in July and January. 
  3. Monthly | GCA families can elect to pay for tuition monthly through FACTS. These 11 monthly payments begin in July and end in May.
  4. EdChoice Scholarship | GCA families who are EdChoice scholarship recipients through the Ohio Department of Education will have special payment arrangements set up through the GCA finance office.  
It is important to be aware that there are additional costs, account set-up, and incidental fees that occur throughout the school year. Some examples include, but are not limited to, athletic pay-to-play fees, club participation fees, lunch ordering, and field trips. Please plan accordingly for the activities your student(s) would like to participate in throughout the year.

Financial Aid

Granville Christian Academy proudly accepts the State of Ohio EdChoice Scholarship and Expansion Program. If you wish to apply, or would like more information about EdChoice, please vist Ohio Department of Education How to Apply and Renew

Need-based financial aid for admitted Granville Christian Academy families during times of hardship is available at the approval of the Board of Education.

Payment Requirements

  • Registration and first month's tuition must be paid in order for a student to begin school at the start of the year. 
  • For returning students, tuition from the previous school year must be paid in full in order for a student to return the following year. 
  • Tuition must be paid in full each month in order for a student's position at Granville Christian Academy to remain secured. If tuition is not paid before the last day of the month, parents will receive a tuition arrears letter indicating the amount owed. If payment for the previous month and current month are not paid in full by the due date of the current month, parents will receive a letter indicating that their student's last day of school will be the last school day of the current month. 
  • Should a family experience financial hardships that affect their ability to meet the tuition obligation agreement, they may request a temporary payment arrangement by contacting the Granville Christian Academy Financial Office. The family's situation will be reviewed by the administration, and the possibility of special arrangements will be considered.  
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