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Welcome to School Health Services

Granville Christian Academy School Health Services plays an essential role in keeping children healthy, safe, and ready to learn. The school nurse accomplishes these goals through leadership, community health and coordination of care (ANA & NASN, 2016).

Develops policies, programs, and procedures for the provision of school health services.
Advocates for the individual student, providing skills and education that encourage self-empowerment, problem solving, effective communication, and collaboration with others.

Community/Public Health
Primary prevention - provides health education that promotes physical and mental health and informs healthcare decisions, prevents disease, and enhances school performance.
Secondary prevention – provides screenings, referrals, and follow‐up to detect and treat health-related issues in their early stage.
Tertiary prevention - addresses diagnosed health conditions and concerns.
Provides a safe and healthy school environment through control of infectious disease, which includes promotion of vaccines, utilization of school-wide infection control measures, and disease surveillance and reporting.
Assists students and families in connecting with healthcare services, financial resources, shelter, food, and health promotion.

Coordination of Care
Develops a student’s Individualized Education Plan or Section 504 plan designed to reduce health related barriers to learning.
Provides for the direct care needs of the student, including medication administration and routine treatments and procedures.
Provides staff training imperative to the successful management of a child with a chronic condition or special healthcare need.
Source (NASN, 2016)

It is a blessing and privilege to assist you, our GCA families, in creating a happy and healthy learning environment for all our students.
Lea Ann Parsley RN PhD
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